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Senior’s photo qualifies as finalist in national photography competition

By Kincaid Schmidt

Andrea Huls is an expert at stopping time.

She is not, however, a scientist. Nor is she a quantum physicist or a magician. But as a photographer, the native of Bolivia has the ability to capture a moment in time perfectly, and that expertise is now being recognized in a big way.

Huls, a photo editor for The Gargoyle, received a letter last month from Photographer’s Forum Magazine distinguishing her as a finalist in their 27th annual collegiate photography contest. This honor grants her publication in the Best of College Photography Annual 2007, as well as the chance to win $1,000 and a brand new digital camera.

Jutronic’s new venture: Tennis player, photographer, now also a clothier

“Faca” is the Croatian word for face, or in this case, a slang term for legend.

“When you see a friend and say hello, we usually say, ‘ejjj faca’. It is like a ‘What’s up?'” said Flagler senior Mario Jutronic, who was born in Croatia.

Faca is also the fresh brand name developed by Jutronic that he says breaks away from the ordinary and mass-produced. It targets the hip segment that is both art and fashion conscious.

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