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Keep-A-Breast raises thousands

Art Walk for Breast Cancer event features painted busts, helps a cause

By Marella Flynn |

The Casa Monica was busting at last week’s Art Walk for Breast Cancer, pun intended.

Rob Depiazza, owner of Screen Arts on West King Street, together with the Keep-A-Breast Foundation, brought 23 painted bust molds into the Casa Monica on Oct. 5 for the art walk for Breast Cancer. Former burlesque sensations Candy Caramelo and Shana were also present for the occasion.

Movie Review: The Heartbreak Kid

Ben Stiller looked toned-down and mature in the previews I saw for the Farrelly brother’s newest comedy “The Heartbreak Kid.” As it turns out, he plays his usual quirky, uncoordinated character as Eddie Cantrow, a 40-year-old bachelor in the remake of Elaine May’s 1972 hit.

Cantrow is coerced by his sex-crazed father – played by Stiller’s real life dad, Jerry Stiller – and overly domesticated best friend (Rob Corddry) to marry Lila (Malin Akerman), a cute, seemingly classy blonde he’s only known for a couple weeks.

GuluWalk in St. Augustine

Athletes for Africa will be hosting a GuluWalk in St. Augustine on Oct. 20 to spread awareness of conflict in northern Uganda.

Flagler College Student Caitlin Eggimann is responsible for bringing GuluWalk to St. Augustine. “I was looking to participate in GuluWalk, and I contacted the leaders of Athletes for Africa,” Eggimann said, “and they asked me to take the responsibility of being in charge of GuluWalk for St. Augustine.”

Dr. Dog to Play at Cafe Eleven

Dr. Dog will be playing at Café Eleven on Oct. 30 in St. Augustine Beach.

The show starts at 8:30 p.m. with Delta Spirit and Emily Lacy opening up for Dr. Dog.

Café Eleven Marketing and Promotions Manager Ryan Dettra booked Dr. Dog, who attracts a college-age crowd and plays throw back style music, knowing the show would be a success.

“We presented them last year, and the show went really well,” Dettra said. “Dr. Dog will have a good turnout, and they have a lot of fans in St. Augustine.”

Theatre department presents ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’

Based on Ken Kesey’s 1963 novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest tells the story of Randle Patrick McMurphy, a mental health patient in the 1950s. McMurphy challenges Nurse Ratched’s rules, and encourages the other patients to follow suit.
There will be a preview performance open to all Flagler students, faculty, and staff, Thursday, Oct. 18. The show starts at 7:30 p.m., and tickets are $5.

Zephian Michaels takes the lead as McMurphy, supported by Emily Gerbino as Nurse Ratched, and Eric Strichert as Chief Brombden.
Amanda Hughlett, the show’s stage manager, calls the cast an ensemble.

October art walk aims to raise money, awareness for breast cancer

By Marella Flynn |

Art walks are common in St. Augustine, with new exhibitions the first Friday of every month. But Oct. 5 marks the first Art Walk for Breast Cancer, an event raising money and awareness to fight breast cancer.

The Art Walk for Breast Cancer was designed to raise awareness and money for The Donna Hicken Foundation, Keep A Breast, Bosom Buddies and Art Breakers, which all make an effort to prevent, detect and cure breast cancer.

Rob Depiazza, owner of Screen Arts on West King Street, is on the committee for the Art Walk Association and is excited about the event. Depiazza made the connection with the Keep A Breast organization and brought together most of the artists.

Carrera Gallery to host ‘Summer’

By Steffi Shook |

An old photograph is nothing more than a piece of time trapped forever. We may not see anything profound in the eyes of these unknown lives. The whole purpose of capturing that moment may go unnoticed in our view, but this is not the case for Leslie Robison.

Robison is well known at Flagler College where she teaches painting, drawing, and design as an assistant professor of Art. Many have already experienced her talent as a professor, but now students will have a chance to appreciate her artwork.

Robison’s show, “Summer,” will be displayed at the Carrera Gallery starting on Oct. 5.

Marketing Music

Photo contributed
For the marketing of the upcoming album Year Zero, Nine Inch Nails created a series of Web sites and information using the album’s theme. Fans from the popular site The NIN Hotline, latched onto the flag emblem, “Art is Resistance,” and plastered the logo all over the country.

Big name bands look for new ways to sell their wares

By Bill Weedmark

With today’s fast-paced, digital-on-demand style of music delivery, musicians need to be able to stand out above the clutter to reach increasingly fractured audiences if they want to generate sales and prevent illegal downloads. The best way to do this is to do something unique and worthy of attention.

But when it comes to marketing a new album, some artists and bands seem content to trust their name alone to push copies out the door. Others go with the advice of their label and rely on the tried-but-true method of using print, radio and TV ads to get the word on the street.

Art and food become one at Zhanras

By Sterling Robinson

Zhanras is a unique eating experience based on exceptional gourmet appetizers, specialty drinks, local artwork and an incredible design and layout.

The menu consists of soups, dips and spreads, salads, bruchettas, pizzas, tapas and desserts. The kitchen staff is made up of only certified chefs, so the food was obviously the best I’ve ever had.