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Ferrell on Ice: ‘Blades of Glory’ brings tons of laughs

By Kristen Shea

If you saw the trailer for Blades of Glory, you have to admit it would be funny to see two guys skating around in outrageous outfits, especially when the two guys are Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. The movie is directed by newcomers Josh Gordon and Will Speck.

Will Ferrell plays Chazz Michael Michaels, who advertises himself as “sex on ice.” He is arrogant and cheesy, and one of the world’s best ice skaters. At the World Championship for Ice Skating, Ferrell ties for first place and must share his gold medal with Heder, who plays his rival and enemy, Jimmy MacElroy. The two get into a huge fist fight in front of the crowd and judging panel. They are banned from professional skating for life as a result.

‘Couture for a Cause’ Panache salon does fashion

By Jennifer Ware

Ever think of wearing a skirt made of old ties, or a dress made from shower curtains? Aveda’s network is putting on a fashion show on Earth Day, Sunday, April 22, to raise awareness for the Gulf Restoration Network. The network subcontracts people to clean up the Gulf of Mexico, especially after hurricane Katrina.

Panache, a distributor of Aveda products, is putting on the eco-friendly fashion show, with the help of its employees and other local designers. Most of the models are clients or friends of clients who want to be involved with the cause. Amy Kautz, manager at Panache in St. Augustine Beach, is running the show.

Coffee is a culture in St. Augustine

There are plenty of good cafés in town for caffeine addicts to enjoy

By Kristen Shea

Drinking coffee is a ritual that millions of people indulge in every day. Luckily, St. Augustine is full of locally-owned coffee shops so fanatics don’t have to suffer from drinking Dunkin Donuts. There are many regularly traveled cafés located in the downtown area like Rockin’ Bean on Charlotte Street and St. Augustine Coffee Company on Granada Street. But there are several others in town you might not know.

Dr. Robbins to publish book of poetry

By Jennifer Ware

Dr. Liz Robbins, an English instructor, is in the midst of publishing her first book of poetry, Hope, As the World is a Scorpion Fish. Robbins teaches Intro to Poetry Writing, Advanced Poetry, American Literature Survey, Modern Poetry, World Literature and English Composition classes.

Robbins has already been published in a number of individual journals. “That’s how the poetry [world] works. You have to prove yourself in the smaller journals first,” she said. Her work has been published in journals such as The Chattahoochee Review and Natural Bridge.

Review: ‘The Girl on the Bridge’

By Ericka McThenia

French film La Fille Sur Le Pont, translated The Girl on the Bridge, tells the tale of an unconventional job and an even more untraditional love story.

This award-winning 1999 movie (with English subtitles) stars Daniel Auteuil and Vanessa Paradis.

Adèle (Paradis) has had a long run of bad luck and falls victim to handsome, sexually aggressive men. Tired of her failures and inability to choose the “right guy,” she plans to drown her sorrows and herself in the Seine River.

Rosa Loves goes Hollywood

By Alison McCauslin

Rosa Loves is a local clothing label created by Flagler alumnus Mike Fretto. The shirts have designs relating to the cause that they’re supporting, including St. Augustine residents, Mexican students and a South African surfing program. Though Rosa Loves has only been around for a little over five months, it has already gained national media attention.

Recently, the founders of Rosa Loves went to the Oscars. American Apparel donated 300 promo T-shirts for them to give away, which they used as conversation starters. They have been in touch with several media contacts since, but nothing has solidified yet.

The Closet, on Cordova Street, sells the Rosa Loves line.

Food or Fun?

Many students choose high tech gadgets over necessity items

Illustration by Dan McDonald

By Summer Bozeman

Do you have an iPod? A camera phone? A flatscreen TV? If you do, then you’re probably in the majority of Flagler students. But what did you sacrifice to buy them?

According to the National Retail Federation, college students spent $7.5 billion on electronics and computer equipment in 2004, separate from the $2.1 billion they spent on school supplies. The only thing the survey found students spent more on was textbooks — with $8.8 billion — and the numbers have only risen in the following years. The problem is that many students will spend their “bread money” on luxury items, forcing themselves to subsist on Spaghetti-Ohs and Cup ‘O Noodles.

Strolling down Silver Lake Drive

A local, 1970s-inspired R&B band strays from the mainstream sound

By Kristen Shea

Silver Lake Drive is a street in Palatka where four guys got together and started jamming, and eventually named their band after the starting point of their careers.