About Us

The purpose of the Flagler College Gargoyle is:

  1. To serve as an extracurricular learning experience for aspiring journalists, communication majors, and other students at Flagler College.
  2. To report news and provide information to the Flagler College community and other audiences in a fair, accurate, and responsible manner.
  3. To serve as a forum for various opinions, perspectives, issues, and viewpoints.
  4. To uphold the standards of the journalism profession and strictly adhere to all ethical guidelines to ensure the integrity and credibility of the newspaper.

Gargoyle Policy Statement and Governing Document

Adopted August 7, 2007

General Information

The paper’s name comes from the courtyard downspout gargoyles that serve as “guardians” over the college.

The newspaper became an online-only publication in the fall of 2010 and the site is updated regularly when school is in session. As a general rule, we do not publish in the summer — May through August — but may periodically provide major updates.

Adviser Brian Thompson welcomes students in all majors to join the staff. You may contact him at bthompson@flagler.edu. The Gargoyle offices are located on the the third floor of the Proctor Library.

The Gargoyle welcomes and encourages comments, questions and suggestions from its readers. To submit article ideas, letters to the editor or press releases, or to contact editors, send an e-mail to gargoyle@flagler.edu.