Signs of the (COVID-19) Times

Photos by Annika Minton As the Covid-19 coronavirus sweeps through Florida and the rest of the country, once-busy tourist destinations like St. Augustine, Florida, that would normally be flooded with spring breakers and other visitors now see empty streets and…

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Coronavirus sends Flagler College online

By Jared Olson As the deadly coronavirus pandemic sweeps into North Florida, with 82 known cases and 3 deaths in St. John’s and Duval Counties as of 11 A.M., Wednesday, Flagler College has declared that classes remain online for the…

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Minor Setbacks for a Major Comeback

By Sydney Gorak | For Flagler College baseball player Codie Lunday, stepping back onto the pitcher’s plate after surgery was an exciting moment. But for the junior pitcher, he also experienced something else — fear. “I was really nervous I…

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When bullying goes global

By Jared Olson Even today, ten years later, the wounds from those days remain fresh my mind: a haze in the locker room, noxious fumes of body spray, the heavy metal clattering of doors slamming shut. The nightmare began after…

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The Uncharted Team

By Cameron Gurgainus | Last year, the Flagler College Surf Team reached new heights with winning second place in the regionals. After competing against all the college teams from the Mid-Atlantic to South Pacific districts, the team has gotten invited…

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