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Movie Review: ‘The Messengers’

By Nicole Withers As I strolled out of the movie theater, I thought to myself, “Where have all the good movies gone?” Yet another waste of almost $10 has left me disappointed and broke. I have just gone to see the new movie The Messengers….

Need a last-minute idea for Valentine’s Day?

By Nicole Withers

In a city such as St. Augustine, you may find yourself wondering what exactly to do with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. On a big day like Feb. 14, you are perhaps already stressed out enough, deciding who to take out, what to wear and what kind of gift to get your significant other.

There’s no reason to have added concern about finding something to do. So here is your insider tip on where to go and what to do this Valentine’s Day. First off, the biggest and most talked about restaurant is Café 11, located on St. Augustine Beach across from the Castillo Royale.

Year of the sequel

Graphic by Ashley Sadeghy

By Ashley Emert

If there were a movie zodiac in the same style of the Chinese zodiac, then 2007 would have to be the year of the sequel. Beginning in March with the release of The Hills Have Eyes 2, a number of sequels are going to be released in theaters over the next several months.

While there are some sequels coming out this year that might make one wonder, “Wasn’t the first one enough?” (namely Alien vs. Predator 2, slated for release in August), there are also some long-awaited films making their return. Among these are the third (and, presumably, final) installments of the Spider-Man, Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek series (all set for release in May). The fifth Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, will be released in July.

Book Review: Just Doll

By Katelyn Calautti

Flagler College Spring Writer-in-residence, Janice Daugharty, is known for her Southern-style storytelling that brings to life memorable feisty, independent female characters from Daugharty’s native South Georgia. Her latest novel, Just Doll, part of the Staten Bay Trilogy, introduces Doll Baxter, a woman whose strong personality many readers will aspire to.

Review: The Pearl

Club has something for everyone

By Katie Shrum

Imagine a club where ’80s punk rock meets Panic! at the Disco, a place where no matter where you are from, or what clique you run with, you will find a group to mingle with. Are you intrigued yet? If so then you should check out The Pearl. Located in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville, at First and Main, it has become a weekly haven for many Flagler students.

Studio Stress

Many fine art, design majors struggle to balance courseload with personal life

By Alicia Nierenstein

For junior Alisa Castagna, her workload as a fine arts major consumes most of her time.

“Anything I see can turn into an idea or can be used for something else,” she said. “A single painting can take four to 10 hours to complete.”

Students majoring in art have their work cut out for them when they enter the program, but design instructor Donald Martin says it’s not too much to handle.