Top 10 ways to deal with homesickness in college

By Jordan Puyear |

Graphic by Heather Seidel |

  1. homesickness Skype is your friend: For when calling your parents is just not enough, Skype is a great way to see your family, while give you a sense of being home. Spending some time seeing familiar surroundings might put your mind at ease when dealing with homesickness.
  2. Bring back home-mementos: Before you leave the nest, bring objects back to college that remind you of your roots. Your favorite stuffed animal, blanket, or posters can make your dorm room feel homier. If you want, you could even ask your relatives to make you your favorite homemade dish and freeze it in your micro-fridge.
  3. Take lots of pictures:  When you’re home, remember to take a lot of pictures, so that you can scroll through your camera roll whenever you need a pick me up. You can even make a collage of your favorite pictures of friends and family.
  4. Have a media outlet: Whether it’s binge-watching Friends on Netflix, reading an entire novel, or listening to your favorite playlist, media outlets are a great way to distract you from your homesickness.
  5. Visit with friends: Friends are always one of the best options, especially while in college. Not only do you have someone to talk to about your issues, they’ll also take your mind off of the subject. Bring your friends over to the Ringhaver Student Center to play some games, go to the beach, or take a walk down St. George Street.
  6. Get involved: if you find yourself yearning for home, try not to have too much free time on your hands. If you find that your classes are not as demanding as expected, try joining a club on campus. There are several clubs on campus that are bound to spark anyone’s interests, such as Green Team, Adventure Club, Club Unity, and so much more. If none of the clubs on campus peak your interest, you can start your own! Get involved in Flagler’s community.
  7. Catch up on your classwork: You might sigh and roll your eyes at the prospect of doing coursework, but it is a great way to keep you preoccupied. If you get your work done in advance, you won’t be stressed about classes in addition to being away from home.
  8. Fill your weekends: Weekends are great because you don’t have classes, however, it can make you think about how much you miss your dad’s weekend brunches or playing with your family pet. To cope, try looking for local venues that can become your new favorite destinations. Go to the beach, flea market, or treat yourself to a weekend dinner at a local restaurant (a chance to get away from the dining hall for a little.) Now, you have something to look forward to during the week.
  9. Exercise: Exercise is very effective for those dealing with homesickness because it not only gives you something to do, it releases endorphins that trigger positive feelings. Battle homesickness, become healthier, it’s a win-win.
  10. Sleep:   Everyone knows that college students are a little sleep deprived. It can be tempting to stay up late stressing out, but avoiding sleep might put you on edge. Sleep will ease your mind, reduce stress and give you time to relax.
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