Flagler College says farewell to the 2024 graduating class

Ashley Bremer poses for her senior photos. Captured by Skylar Newsham. Photo by Zoe Sherman.

By Zoe Sherman

As graduation creeps closer and closer each day, Flagler College seniors readily anticipate their future plans.

Almost every college student knows how stressful the end of spring semester can be, but seniors have a different challenge lying ahead of them, starting their professional careers. 

Senior Josephine Naujok shared that she is gearing up for a lengthy trip.

“My current plans after graduation, is that first I’m going to Germany for six weeks. I have been applying for jobs so hopefully I’ll hear back soon,” Naujok said. 

Naujok has expressed that she is feeling excited, but also nervous for the big day. Her scheduling has given her the opportunity to graduate early. 

“For achieving my plans I just took classes I knew I would enjoy, but I also took six classes almost every semester which has helped me graduate early. I also had done an internship this semester which was such a wonderful experience, so I was able to learn more about the career I’m going into,” Naujok said.

Senior Ashley Bremer shared that she is also experiencing an array of emotions as graduation nears.

“I have mixed feelings…I don’t want this chapter of my life to end, but I can’t wait for what’s next,” Bremer said.

Bremers future endeavors include working at a marketing firm in Orlando. She has a passion for graphic design. She unveiled how she found her ideal job.

“It was a little overwhelming at first, but I honestly would just browse for jobs in the areas I knew I wanted to live in and I went from there,” Bremer said. 

Bremer has also taken on heavier course loads to graduate early. Her advice to underclassmen is meaningful and heartfelt. 

“Never take for granted life’s little adventures. You never know what’s going to happen next,” Bremer said.  

Senior Cass Coniglio also resonates with the feeling of being overwhelmed. 

“I had a similar feeling when graduating high school. That next step into the real world sometimes becomes overwhelming, and I am unsure of what to do next. Even though I am prepared and have everything planned, I still get paralyzed by the fear of that next step,” Coniglio said. 

Coniglio shared that she has two jobs lined up for post-graduation. 

“One is a low level management position with the company I’ve worked for since high school, and I hope to move up the management chain over the next year. The second is a part time summer position with Proctor Library,” Coniglio said.

Coniglio hopes to enter graduate school in the next couple of years for library sciences or medieval literature studies.

Flagler College has successfully set up many of its seniors to flourish in their next steps. They each leave behind a legacy of perseverance and achievement, and Flagler will be rooting for them all in their next phase of life. 

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