SIFE Blog: TEDx Creative Coast

By Victoria Van Arnam |
Counter Clockwise, Victoria Van Arnam, and Renée Chiaverini pose with the Loci Design interns Walter Woods and Clayton Dodd in front of the TEDx sign.

On Friday, Flagler SIFE and Loci Design exhibited at the TEDx sponsored by Creative Coast in Savannah GA. We were demonstrating innovative ideas on how to give old shipping containers a new life.

It was an incredible opportunity to go to TEDx, seeing the movers, shakers and thinkers of Savannah really motivated us to implement these ideas in St. Augustine.

Containers for a Cause is moving forward on several different fronts. We are working on several large partnerships with different groups and following several leads from the conference to secure land and money for our containers.

Containers for a Cause is working to make low income housing out of shipping containers.

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