SIFE Blog: Summer Project Update

By Victoria Van Arnam |
Shelia Acharya working with a Nepalese woman in a language lab.

This month Flagler SIFE has been busy working on the Suruwat Refugee program and Containers for a Cause.
Sheila and Barry finished the script for the second Suruwat video. The first one can be viewed here. We hope to start filming this new script once everyone is back from summer break. The topics it will cover are employment, housing and maintenance and transportation.

It was an incredible opportunity to go to TEDx, seeing the movers, shakers and thinkers of Savannah really motivated us to implement these ideas in St. Augustine.

Our first video is now being used by 10 national resettlement agencies. Topics cover banking, grocery shopping, personal safety and learning English. We will be speaking to the agencies, including Catholic Charities, about the second video this week.
Containers for a Cause is moving forward. We received our building plans from PQH Architects and the plans are now at the county building department for approval.
These plans are for the single unit structure that we will construct on the parking lot of the St. Augustine Record. The high cube shipping container is 40ft x 8ft x 9ft6in.

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