SIFE Blog: Containers for a Cause Update

By Renée Chiaverini |
Photo of Joe King opening our container
Our Containers for a Cause project is moving along rapidly. We already have a container, which will be transformed into our first home shortly in the St. Augustine Record’s front yard. We are working on several parallel paths that start from our initial container idea and expand out in multiple directions.

Our partners from Loci Designs have arrived in St. Augustine and have set up their equipment alongside our editing station, making it a rather cramped space, considering the lack of air conditioning. We are working closely with Loci Design to create a concrete plan for our Containers for a Cause project.

In addition, today, June 9, we presented our idea to Dr. Proctor. Dr. Proctor was supportive and gave us several other exciting directions to consider for the project.

Currently, we are preparing a presentation for the St. John’s County on how our containers can reduce the local recidivism rate. We are also preparing to present at a TEDx conference in Savannah, GA on June 18.

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