SIFE BLOG: In Charlotte!

Victoria Van Arnam |

We arrived at our hotel in Charlotte, NC at one o’clock, after a seven hour bus ride from St. Augustine. The ride was quiet, most of the team stayed up the night before and packed or worked on the presentation.
We left at 7 and had a massive bagel and donut breakfast on the bus.

The hotel is amazing, very chic and modern. Compared to St. Augustine this place is covered in art. All of the walk ways have sculptural elements and the building fronts have beautifully designed facades.

We are getting lunch now and will be heading back to the hotel to get started practicing. We will be presenting at 9 in the morning so it will be a long day. The general morale is high and excited.

Kameron Lapp passed out on the ride to Charlotte after a long night of video editing.

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