SIFE BLOG: Lunch and practice

Deann Jennings |
After arriving early in North Carolina, we ate lunch at an amazing deli near our hotel.

After lunch we went over to the conference center. Where we ran into Morgan Clevanger from SIFE headquarters; we traveledl with him to Berlin in October. We also saw our new regional coordinator, Brittany Attwood Dennis at the conference center. It is great to run into people we know!

We then returned to our hotel to practice for the evening. We just finished our first run through of the presentation and now we are doing a comical run through. This helps to keep the team energized and relaxed. We’re so excited for tomorrow! We will get to bed early and be well rested for competition. Thanks for all the support!!

Joe King, Mike Lambert and Beth Huston do a SIFE cheer

Ryan LeDonne helps carry water out of the bus.

Deann Jennings, Kaite Salmi and Emily Marcellus check out the menu.

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