SIFE Blog: Coming Home

By Victoria Van Arnam |
After watching the final four, Flagler SIFE had a wonderful post competition dinner. As we were leaving the restaurant, we ran into the team from Belmont, the newly christened national champions. Their presentation was incredible and they truly deserve the 2010 SIFE National Championship. Flagler SIFE made it to the top eight and are the fifth in the nation.

The SIFE year has turned over; this has been a great year for Flagler SIFE under the unwavering leadership of Jessica Welch. Congratulations to Jessica who is moving on to work with Wal-Mart. This year we have overcome many challenges, gained new experiences and grown exponentially.

The new Co-Presidents, Emily Marcellus and Victoria Van Arnam flanked by their Co-Vice Presidents Alyssa Murphy and Jessie Quick (for full list of officers see previous blog), are ready to lead the team through whatever the criteria changes and down economy can throw at them.

The team has since arrived back safely from nationals. Everyone has dispersed to their appropriate states. All is quiet in St. Augustine, but in Markland house, operations will soon be returning to normal.

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