Top 10 People You Meet at Flagler College

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You’ll meet all kinds of people at Flagler College. We’ve narrowed it down to ten.


10. The Overachiever 


Pictured: Cassandra Dotson

She could probably tell you the best place to pass out in the Proctor Library.

9. The Artist 


Pictured: Mahaly Grant 

When they’re not in the Molly Wiley Art Building, they’re-
Just kidding, they’re always in the Molly Wiley Art Building.

8. The Athlete 


Pictured: Andrew “Obie” Broadbeck

If you’re wondering if that cute guy in your class is a baseball player, count the number of excused absences they have. 


7. The Social Media Fiend 


Pictured: Julian Naranjo

Don’t lie. That’s not a snapchat, you’re just taking a blatant selfie. Again.


6. The Bro 


Pictured: Peter Lyudmer and Bill Barham 

It’s all about long boarding, volleyball and surfing. Oh, and class too, I guess.

5. The RA 


Pictured: Carson Sailor

Have no fear, your RA is here. Unless you need toilet paper. That’s a different story.


4. The Conservationist


Pictured: Matt Keene

Oh, were you thinking about throwing that plastic bottle in the trash? Try again.


3. The Procrastinator 


Pictured: Samantha Frank

3 AM? Better start that paper that’s due at 8AM. After a quick nap.


2. The Couple 

image (1)

Pictured: Tashina Wells and Nathan Jaynes 

You would probably have to recover from their breakup.

1. The Hipster 


Pictured: Brian Matthews 

Shawls: He did it before it was cool.







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