Building relationships on intramural fields

By Anthony Norwood |

Mike Roberson, director of intramurals at Flagler College, has been all around the United States starting in Birmingham, Ala. He has over 30 years of experience in sports and recreation and has brought that experience to Flagler.

Roberson has been a tennis instructor and director of intramurals at Flagler for 13 years. He came to Florida because he knew friends in the area and in his time at the college he has built a great relationship with the students.

“I love what I do,” Roberson said. “It’s enjoyable providing fun and competitive activities for our college community.”

This is the kind of attitude Roberson has brought with him to Flagler and has made him well liked by the college community.

Roberson is also able to work with the students as a tennis instructor.

“In teaching tennis, I enjoy introducing our students to a great game that can be played an entire life time,” Roberson said. “I enjoy hearing from former students who now play tennis on a regular basis.”

The main part of Roberson’s job, though, is intramurals.

“I love intramurals,” Roberson said. “It helps me get involved with our students and watch friendships grow in intramural activities.”

Roberson puts everything he has into his work. He loves interacting with the students and watching them grow closer. The kind of person Roberson is can be summed up by his favorite anecdote, “One year for intramural softball, a young man and a young woman met for the first time on the field,” Roberson said. “The couple later went on to be married.”

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