Online networking gives students hope

By Samantha Price |

Despite the state of the economy and high unemployment rate in St. Johns County, students at Flagler College believe that finding a job may not be as hard as it seems.

Nick Alexander, a 22-year-old senior at Flagler College thinks that networking is easier than it’s ever been.

“The economy definitely doesn’t make the search for a job right out of college easy, but I feel like you can find something if you are willing and actively looking,” Alexander said, who landed an interview with an Atlanta capital management company next month.

“Networking is very important. Nowadays, it’s easy to get on LinkedIn or Facebook and get in touch with someone who can help get your name out there,” he said. “Make yourself available and meet as many people as you can and get involved with internships and volunteers.”

Other students, like 22-year-old Flagler College basketball player DJ Ferguson, are confident that the right job is out there: even if that job is in another country.

“My employment plans for after I graduate would be to play basketball overseas in Europe next year and the years following,” Ferguson said. “If that doesn’t work, I plan on attending UCF to get my master’s so that I can compete better in the job market.”

These students are very optimistic about their future careers despite the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics documenting St. John’s County at a 9.8 percent unemployment rate at the beginning of this year. Only time will tell if they will be so confident after fully emerging in the job market after graduation in two months.

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