United Way to host 50th anniversary 5k

From Staff

The United Way of St. Johns County is celebrating its 50th anniversary this March. In celebration, the United Way will be hosting a 5k walk on Saturday, March 10. Proceeds will benefit St. Johns County.

Registration forms are available at local businesses such as Crisper’s in Cobblestone Village and Schmagel’s Bagels downtown. The walk will begin in front of Flagler College’s Proctor Library and will continue throughout the historic downtown area. On-site registration begins at 9 a.m., and the walk will begin at 10 a.m. Pre-registration is $10 and includes a free T-shirt from Good Day Apparel. On-site registration is $15.

SGA considers organizational change

Complete restructure may create a student senate and new committees

By Alicia Nierenstein

Flagler’s Student Government Association is looking at a major restructuring this semester with the goal of creating a student senate, new organizational committees and a new constitution by next fall.

In the past, SGA struggled to define itself and maintain a strong student interest, according to Andrew Petersen, chair of SGA’s academic committee. He said the organizational restructuring aims to fix these problems and represent the student body more efficiently.

Diversity dilemma: Lack of diversity self-perpetuating and tough to beat

By Glenn Judah

Jim Roche, a political science major, feels certain opinions were missing from a class discussion on Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ghandi this semester because his classmates were all white.

Roche is not the only Flagler student who has experienced this. Last year the Princeton Review ranked Flagler as “most homogeneous.” This year Flagler didn’t make that list, but the college’s demographics haven’t changed much.

Lincolnville’s history not well known to students

Photo by Andrea Huls
In 1964, Janie Price hosted Martin Luther King, Jr. in her Lincolnville home.

By Danielle Marsh

Lincolnville resident Janie Price remembers a lot about the civil rights struggle in St. Augustine.

“I had my car flipped over,” Price, 80, said. She says it was done out of spite because she was a participant in several sit-ins and marches here in St. Augustine. Price responded to this act by telling others that she was, “going to ride all over town and let them see it to let them know they didn’t frighten me.”

Ask the Gargoyle

What options do Flagler students have for study abroad?

From Staff

There are five faculty-led study aboard trips planned for summer 2007, including Australia, Belize, California, Costa Rica and Italy. These trips cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000, in addition to Flagler College tuition costs, and depending on the amount of credit hours taken for the trip.

Technology Independence Journal

By Ted Regis

Monday Jan. 22, 2007
10:00 p.m.
So this marks the official start of my 24-hour “technology fast.” I ended my dependence on television with an episode of “Heroes,” which just ended. Starting this right before bed was a good idea. I’ll knock out eight hours or so of this technology independence in what feels like an instant. I’ll get a real feel for how this will go during the day tomorrow.

A day in the life with no technology

By Ericka McThenia

In a world with so many new gadgets being made everyday, we sometimes don’t even realize that we use technology constantly. I tried to go back to the old days before we had internet and MySpace and remember what life was like.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have classes from eight in the morning till five in the evening. I choose one of these days to go without technology because there would be a decreased opportunity for me to be tempted because I would spend half of my day in school.

St. Augustine cracks down on panhandling

City passes new law prohibiting begging in parts of historic district

By Hannah Locke

Earlier this month, shopkeepers along St. George Street noticed cleaner walkways and more pleasant tourists. What was missing were the panhandlers who used to roam the streets and claim it as their territory.

Dawn, a saleswoman at the Columbia Gift Shop who declined to give her full name, was surprised to see none of the familiar faces of panhandlers outside her shop.
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