SGA elections preview

By Danielle Marsh

Student Government elections are this week on Monday and Tuesday. And if you haven’t noticed, it is the first time that the college has had more than one candidate running for each office.

As the candidates try to gain attention, they will stop at nothing. Whether it is offering smoothies, hotdogs or brownies, each party has offered something new. Even though the candidates are all trying new ways to get the public’s vote, it will not be of much help if they are unable to live up to the standards and goals they have set for themselves.

Snapshots of a soldier

Flagler student serves with Army in Iraq while completing his degree

Photo contributed
Matt Fast completed basic training in Ft. Bliss, Texas, in 2003. He was deployed to Iraq in 2006.

By Brittany Hackett

A quiet night in Baghdad is shaken violently as a mortar explodes over a U.S. military compound. Troops jump from bed, gather up their gear and prepare themselves for whatever comes next.

While this might sound terrifying to civilians in the safety of the U.S., it’s just another night of ruined sleep for Army Reservist and Flagler College student Matt Fast who is stationed in the Iraqi capital.

Flagler considers extending semesters

By Alicia Nierenstein

Flagler College is currently in discussions that could result in longer semesters by the 2008-2009 school year.

While there has been talk of semester extension amongst the faculty and administration for a few years, Flagler had found that after comparison to other peer institutions, such as the University of Florida, Stetson University and Rollins College, Flagler has come out as the school with the shortest semesters in the entire state of Florida. Other schools typically end in the very last week of April, or the beginning weeks of May.

College textbooks to be tax exempt?

Florida legislature proposes bill that could save students up to $100/year By Jennifer Gager A new bill in the Florida Legislature could save students $50 to $100 dollars on textbooks a year. Freshman Lindsay Watters was amazed at the cost of books last semester. “Oh…

Flagler tuition sees major increase

Full cost for 2007-2008 will still be well below the national average

By Richard Harris

Freshman Chris Lauth fell in love with Flagler College back in high school, but he may be forced to leave his number one school if he can’t pay tuition next year.

Some college papers getting bought out

Large media corporations purchase publications to reach younger audiences

By Hannah Locke

Some college newspapers across the country are being purchased by larger media corporations as these companies move to reach younger audiences and increase revenues.

Flagler to host blood drive

By Bailey Toombs Every three seconds, someone in the United States needs blood and yet less than five percent of the population donates. If 4.5 million Americans per year would die without lifesaving blood transfusions, then why aren’t healthy and able people volunteering to be…