A disappearing trade: Shrimping in St. Augustine

a photo essay by Sarah Williamson | gargoyle@flagler.edu http://fcgargoyle.wpengine.com/slideshows/imdoneseafood/soundslider.swf?size=1&format=xml http://fcgargoyle.wpengine.com/slideshows/imdoneseafood/soundslider.swf?size=1&format=xml There is something almost prehistoric about the leathery skin of a shrimp fisherman, casting his net and cruising through St. Augustine’s waters. It’s an ancient act. People have been harvesting shrimp off of Florida’s northeast…

It’s Happening: Homeless One-Stop Center in St. Augustine

After months of planning, Home Again St. Johns has began fundraising and organizing the development of the one-stop center for the homeless on State Road 207. The facility will eventually be home to six, 5,000 sq./ft. buildings providing housing, healthcare, job training, mental health, substance abuse and basic education services.

Home Again St. John’s began as a local non-profit in 2009 with staff support from United Way of St. John’s County. Their goal is to redefine how the county deals with homelessness as well as open doors to more services.

Farm cultivates new life for disabled veterans

By Emily Hoover | ehoover@flagler.edu
Photos by Robert H. Heinrich

Down a long dirt road on the border of Duval and Clay counties, where the open air is clean and the sun just begins to peek through the clouds, is a farm that houses organic fruits, vegetables, livestock, honeybees and other commodities.

But for Adam Burke, founder of Veterans Farm, this farm is far from ordinary. The disabled combat veterans who work the farm during a six-month fellowship are more valuable than the goods they produce.

“I am very selective in [the veterans] I choose,” Burke, a U.S. Army veteran, said. “This is not about a paycheck. It’s about tranquility, peace in life, people who are looking for a change, to grow in their lives.”

Is your house making you sick?

Aside from the occasional asthma, Flagler student Corey Christian, 22, is in perfectly good health. So it came as a surprise when he found it harder and harder to breathe, even in his own home.

“When I was just laying in my bed and I’d have the window open and like a fan on me, just trying to get some air and I was out of breath” he said “I couldn’t stop coughing, I would actually vomit from how much I was coughing.”