I am Charlotte

By Jenna Boerst Before her transition, Flagler College student Charlotte Schneider struggled to find her fit in the world. Now as she embarks on her journey of womanhood, Schneider has crafted her life and is on a continued journey of self-discovery. Through this, she has…

Sounds of St. George Street

By: Lexi Ray Street performers are a part of the culture in downtown St. Augustine. These performers have been able to battle the various restrictions that the city has placed on street artists. To be able to play music or showcase a talent performers have…

Unspoken black history in St. Augustine

By Evelyn Lopez While most people know St. Augustine for its Spanish history or Henry Flagler’s impact with the railroad or hotels, less known is the city’s important Civil Rights history. That just blocks away from touristy St. George Street, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr….

Samantha Santiagos journey with cancer

By Quinn Sheehan Sam Santiago is a cancer survivor. She shares her story and shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Santiago was 27 when she was diagnosed and lives every day like there is no tomorrow.