Setting the example: Point guard inspires team

By Alex Strom |

DeAsha Campbell has a gift. That’s what her grandfather told her when she was child. She hasn’t forgotten it.

“My grandfather believed that God gives gifts to everyone, and mine was to play ball, so I didn’t want to waste this opportunity,” said Campbell, point guard for the Flagler College Saints women’s basketball team.

“I’ve always been selfless and try to find ways to help others whether it is on the floor or off the court. I want other people to feel good because it makes me feel good,” she said.

Campbell is from Huntsville, a town of more than 188,000 in Alabama. Growing up, she said she learned the value of honesty. That has helped her lead the Saints to a 13-13 record overall and 9-10 in the Peach Belt Conference this year.

She’s also gained the trust of her teammates.

“I refuse to sugar coat any message to my teammates because I don’t want them to fail,” Campbell said. “All of my teammates trust and believe in me, even when I get discouraged and don’t believe in myself.”

“Trust is something that must be earned so it’s up us to prove our trustworthiness to one another,” said teammate Jasmine Celestin.


DeAsha Campbell was featured on this billboard.

In December, 5-foot-4 Campbell won the Peach Belt Conference Player of the Week and Player of the Month.

Celestin said her team wouldn’t be as successful without Campbell, whose nickname is Dee.

“We all rely on her,” she said. “I’m not sure who would be able to take Dee’s place, she’s a solid all around leader.”

“At times you work so hard, or you spend so much time in the gym late at night and you feel like nothing is paying off,” said Campbell.

But she pushes ahead, hoping to help her team.

“I feel like being around my teammates is never too hard on me physically or mentally.”

The Saints had a rough season in 2015, finishing 9-17 overall and 6-13 in conference play.

With Campbell’s help, the team has improved this season and plays its last game on Feb. 28 at Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia.

Over the past two seasons, Campbell had has had 151 assists, seven blocked shots, 80 steals and 513 points.

“It’s tough being a leader because every day my parents, coaches and teammates depend on me. At times I feel like I’m almost supposed to be perfect in how I practice and how I carry myself,” said Campbell.

Celestin said Campbell has “forced me to mature as a player and has helped me become more experienced as well as more confident when going up against other opponents.

“Dee is just a warrior; we know no matter what she will do what it takes to win and that makes us rally behind her.”

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