Volleyball seniors help build new team chemistry

By Mari Pothier | mpothier@flagler.edu
Photos By Phillip C. Sunkel IV

Flagler Volleyball is off to a great start again as it comes back from a historic season that included a run to the Final Four.

The Saints are currently ranked 22.

Taylor Mott, head coach for Flagler College Saints’ volleyball team, was happy with the team’s results in their first four games.

“I think we did some amazing things in spurts,” Mott said. “We played scared at times, but I think some of the positives that I saw were just incredible.”

The team went 4-0 against Coker, USC Aiken, Wingate and Lees-McRae, but according to Mott the Saints were down in a few of the games.

“We fought our way back so that’s something that’s not easy to teach,” Mott said. “I think it’s great that already this early in the season they have the composure to just kind of take each point one at a time and know that they’re capable of winning.”

Meg Weathersby, a senior who plays middle and outside, was happy with the results, but explained that the team still has things to work on.

“Overall we did well,” Weathersby said in regards to the first four games.

According to Mott, the Saints lost a few of their pivotal starters from last year, but gained six new players. The team now consists of 16 players, which Mott explained is a large team for volleyball.

“We do have a lot of options. I mean all of our new players are good, our returners are good, so I feel like we have a lot of depth this season,” she said.

She explained how last season’s team had great team chemistry, which was a huge factor in their success.

According to Weathersby, the team is working on team bonding. She and Rebecca Royal, who is also a senior, have come up with different activities the team can to do together like game and movie nights.

“I think it’s a process. It’s always the responsibility of the seniors…to kind of implement team chemistry or help create a good atmosphere, and I think those two [Weathersby and Royal] are doing an outstanding job,” Mott said.

According to Weathersby, Armstrong Atlantic will be the Saints’ toughest team. Mott mirrored that statement, but also included USC Aiken.

“We’ll just take one match at a time,” Mott said.

She believes the team can make it to the Final Four again and hopes to win it all.

“I do, I absolutely do without a doubt,” Mott said. “It’s going to be difficult like I said. Hopefully the pressure doesn’t get to them, but I think we can get there.”

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