Flagler football team still undefeated

By Bo Culkeen | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Flagler just wrapped up another amazing football season after defeating the UNF Ospreys in a nail biter. The Saints trailed for most of what was one of the best games in Flagler history.

With three seconds left in the fourth quarter, Saints quarterback Gavin Richardson threw a bomb deep down the field to a crowded end zone. Somehow, from out of the crowd, Antonio Marconi managed to catch the pigskin after it was deflected off of a UNF defenders helmet.

“I was just hoping that that one of our guys would make the catch,” said Richardson. “I felt like I was Doug Flutie when Boston College beat the University of Miami. I still can’t believe we won.”

This is Richardson’s third year as the starting quarterback and is looking to continue the winning streak next season.

“It makes things a lot easier when I’ve been playing with these guys for so long,” Richardson said. “I know how fast they can run and if they can catch up with a deep pass. I know when they are faking left or really going left.”

No one at the game was expecting the Saints to catch the final pass of the game but no one imagined that Antonio Marconi would catch it. Marconi entered the game after star receiver Gian Louis Thompson suffered a concussion in the last five minutes of the game. This was Marconi’s first game and catch of this season.

“I’m only 5’5 so when I looked up to find the ball, all I saw were the Ospreys players towering over me,” Marconi said. “I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

Flagler Saints coach Barry Sand said he had never seen anything like it.

“I remember looking at our players on and off the field before the play,” said Sand. “They were all so determined to win that game.”

NOTE: Flagler College does not have a football team. This story is a parody.

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