Ten Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas


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By Emily Topper | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Unlike the general public, card companies look forward to this holiday all year round. Teddy bears, heart-shaped balloons, sparkly red cards filled with all levels of sentiment and mush – a nightmare for anyone who doesn’t have a picture-perfect relationship.

Yes, Valentine’s Day can be traumatizing, especially for those of us going solo this year. But why not make the most of it? Below are ten ideas for a fun, safe Valentine’s Day – no date necessary.

Netflix Marathon with your BFFs.

While it may come across as the more obvious choice, Netflix needs loving too. Weird indie flicks? Check. Superhero action movie night? No problem. Netflix is the perfect date and it’s always there, ready to be picked up where you left off. Can you say new season of House of Cards?

Get out and be active.

The St. Augustine and Jacksonville areas are full of fun, adventurous activities. Go rock climbing, ice skating or go-karting. Besides, you’ll need to burn off all the calories from that discount chocolate. Check out the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens or the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Go restaurant hopping with your friends.

Put on your cutest outfit, meet up with your best friends and get drinks, appetizers, dinner and dessert – all at different restaurants. Heard about that new Greek place downtown? Check it out, followed by dessert at that fancy, over-indulgent place up the street. Go ahead. You deserve it.

Go see that new Lego movie.

Two words: Morgan Freeman.

Actually do something from your Pinterest “DIY” board.

You know, the board that has over 250 cute projects on it? You’re really dedicated to it, so much so that you’ve alphabetized the entire board but haven’t started a single project. Bake that gluten-free banana bread, sew those shabby-chic pillows. There’s no time like the present!

Be your own Valentine.

In 1995, Cher Horowitz made this phenomenon look cute, not desperate. So splurge a little—treat yourself to some flowers or chocolates. To you, from you. (But you can say it was Ryan Gosling.)

Prepare for February 15th.

The best day of the year, in which chocolate in grocery stores across America majestically appears on the clearance aisle. Godiva, Ghirardelli, you name it. It’s all there, and it’s all waiting for YOU.

Say hi to that cute person you always see, but don’t know.

Take a chance! If you’re someone who panics in front of members of the opposite sex, do not worry. You can do this. You might even end up with a date! Go for it—but remember to wipe all the chocolate off of your face first.

Go to PETCO or an animal rescue shelter.

Hug ALL the animals. Because they’re adorable and they’ll give you kisses, not unlike the significant other that you don’t have.

Do something for your loved ones.

It doesn’t have to be a romantic interest – take your best friend to their favorite restaurant, buy your mom flowers. It feels good to be appreciated, and it feels even better to make your loved ones’ day – especially when they least expect it.

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