Planet! Sarbez! Opens on Anastasia Island Oct. 30

1229985_699069673456564_2067536892_n-574x800By Sarah Jackson |

Ryan Kunsch is doing something not many 23-year-olds are doing: he’s opening up his own brick and mortar store called Planet! Sarbez! on Anastasia Island.

Kunsch started out selling his clothing line, Sarbez, in various stores around downtown St. Augustine, such as The Closet and Flavors, eventually selling his line in his own online clothing store. Now, though, his business has expanded so much that it warrants its own brick and mortar store.

“There are going to be a lot of things going on at Planet Sarbez,” said Kunsch. “Of course it will be home to my clothing brand Sarbez, but also other local clothing brands as well who are interested in consignment.”

Planet! Sarbez! will also be a venue for young and aspiring artists, and each month the art will be taken down and replaced by a new artist’s work.

“I’ve also built a stage that will be used to have shows, karaoke, open mics. It’s also going to be a grilled cheese bar that will have different types of grilled cheeses, also fresh smoothies, coffee, beer, and wine,” said Kunsch. “I’m also going to have a few games as well, such as pool and perhaps an oldschool Pacman machine.”

There will also be free wifi with comfy couches, tables and chairs for an alternative spot to study or just to hang out.

“Expect a good time,” said Kunsch.

But, how did Kunsch find the funding to open his store?

“I came up with the funding the scariest way. A business loan,” Kunsch said. “However, it’s only scary if you’re not one hundred percent confident with your idea. I’ll make it back if I work day and night and make the appropriate sacrifices. I’m not too worried.”

Kunsch found the location for Planet! Sarbez! when he found out the “Six Gun Cycle” shop was up for rent after months of calling St. Augustine realtors and searching for the perfect location.

“It was worth every phone call, every meeting with a realtor, every let down, every single second that led me to finally find this place. It’s magical how it fell into place.”

Kunsch chose the location on Anastasia island because he wanted a location that was away from the congestion of downtown. However, the current location for Planet! Sarbez! came close to not happening.

“I was originally going to split the space divided by a wall with another local business. For various reasons, it didn’t work out with the other business,” said Kunsch. ” Instead of continuing my search, I decided to just take the entire space. I could have taken the opposite approach which would have been, ‘Oh, it didn’t work out, so it wasn’t meant to be.’ I refused to look at it that way and looked at it as a sign that this was going to work and that I needed all this space for all of the ideas I had.”

Because Planet! Sarbez! isn’t scheduled to open until October 30, Kunsch can’t focus on any long term plans just yet.

“I’ll just focus on making the place extremely positive and filled with high energy. I want the people working for me to be completely happy and not stressed about anything,” said Kunsch. “I’ll just climb each step as they appear before me, so far the next step has yet to appear.”

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