‘3D Guy’ visits Flagler

By Lawrence Griffin | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Greg Dinkins’s pride was evident in during his recent visit to Flagler College’s Crisp-Ellert Art Museum, at which he demonstrated how 3D imagery worked.

During his presentation, Dinkins said to create 3D imagery, artists don’t need an Avatar-like budget. He said that it all came down to the distance between the foreground of the image and its background, and also the layering of multiple images over one to add more depth.

“I’m just the 3D guy,” he said.

Dinkins is a 3D photographer and the editor of “A Look Back in Time,” book series. The book series shows historical photos in 3D forms, allowing for a more realistic perspective on them. He founded the New York Stereoscopic Society in 1997 and has worked with all manner of scientists, historians and entertainers in creating visual eye candy.

“I love the power they have to take me there, to put you in the scene,” Dinkins said. “What I do not like is the gimmick that some studios use to just throw images at you. I prefer to be sucked into a world rather than have it thrown at me.”

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