Art Walk painter departs from realism

By Erica England |
Photos by Erica England

Self-proclaimed “feely artist,” Trish Vevera escaped impressionism and abstract realism to explore abstract expressionism in her most recent paintings.

“I’m departing from what I’ve been doing in the past,” Vevera said.

Vevera, the president of the Professional Artists of St. Augustine or P.A.St.A Fine Art Gallery, has had pieces featured in galleries from New Smyrna Beach to St. Augustine. This week is her third time being featured in the Art Galleries of St. Augustine First Friday Art Walk.

Trish Vevera

Vevera’s exhibit, Departures, includes 20 wall pieces and six unframed originals. She experimented with acrylic paint on vellum paper for the first time in her featured pieces.

“I paint in plein air, which means painting in real life, fresh air,” Vevera said. “The pieces in this show are more abstract but are based on reality.”

Vevera enjoys painting St. Augustine landmarks such as the Mantanzas River and Crescent Beach.

“The city’s ambiance inspires me,” Vevera said. “I feel like I’m in such a special place.”

Trish Vevera Artwork

Pieces from Departures will be shown on the March 5 First Friday Art Walk at the P.A.St.A Fine Art Gallery, located at 214 Charlotte St.

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