Bird watching

By Na’tiece Anderson

The West African Crowned Crane eats grasses, seeds and insects.

These birds live on the coast of the Nile River basin. They live in open landscapes such as marsh areas and grasslands near water. They are about 3.3 feet tall and weigh about 7.7 pounds. They are endangered in most habitats and build their nests in trees. They like to dance too!

The Marabou Stork is about five feet tall and has around an eight and a half foot wingspan. Living south of the Sahara desert in Africa, this bird is known to eat almost anything. Its diet consists of mainly meat, and because this bird has a very strong bill, it is able to eat other animal carcasses.

Cassie Fleming, a visitor at the Alligator Farm, said that she enjoyed looking at the birds the most out of any other animals there.

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