Amethystine Pythons

By Da’Miah Finch|

The Amethystine Python holds the title for the longest snake species. It’s also over 30 feet long. This type of snake is usually found in Indonesia, Papua, New Guinea and Australia.

Danielle Leopold is the reptile keeper at the St. Augustine alligator farm. While an amethystine python has never bitten her, she has been bitten by a blue tongue skank. It’s funny, I have been bitten by the smallest and the slowest reptiles, Leopold said. The diet of the python consists of birds, fruit bats, rats, possums, and other animals.

There’s only one amethystine python that lives here. The habitat of this snake is normally bush lands and suburbia and there also found in rainforests. At the alligator farm this snake is kept in a large glass cage with two other snake species.

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