Harley the hognose snake

By Curtis Manning>

Snake Name — Harley

Type Of Snake-Western Hognose

The most interesting thing about this wonderful species is it’s not like any ordinary snake. The fangs are in the back of the mouth and that’s very unusual.

Harley the Western Hognose Snake is located at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. He is full-grown. He has been at the Alligator Farm for five years now, and he is really friendly.

Harley eats frogs and lizards. Plus, it is also in the Bull Snake Family. It has extra skin behind his head to make him look like a cobra when he is scared of his predator. Also when he is scared, he can play dead really well and make a really bad odor that can make him seem very dead! Also, they will often inflate their bodies to appear larger.

“Snakes have over 10,000 muscles in there body,” said Tonia, an employee at the Alligator Farm.

The patterns on their skin are light brown, white and black, from my point of view. I also had a hands on experience. Harley felt scaly. At first I was scared of the snake, but it was very friendly and never opened its mouth. Plus, it has a black tongue that it rarely spits out.

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