Students embrace new Flagler pep band

By Colby Eaton |

The Flagler College athletic department is starting a Flagler pep band to increase the enthusiasm of the crowd at home games.

Jud Damon, Director of Athletics at Flagler College, is the originator of the idea and hopes that it will bring a more exciting atmosphere.

Flagler College students have already shown interest.

Ryan Erlacher, assistant Athletic Director, has high hopes for the pep band’s success at future basketball home games.

“First, we want to find members who have a passion for music and who enjoy playing in front of crowds,” Erlacher said.

He said in order to get the group moving in the right direction, the pep band will need a strong leader and a musically knowledgeable staff member to be the director.

“The interest has been great. I was not sure what to expect when I first sent out the introduction email,” Erlacher said. “The response has been very good so far and many people are encouraging the start of a pep band.”

“Every day I seem to get another response from someone interested in joining,” Erlacher said.

David Underwood, a third year senior, has decided to join Flagler’s new pep band. Underwood joined because he was hoping to play his instrument, the trumpet, an instrument he has played since fourth grade. He said he wants to play in a relaxed and fun environment.

“The pep band is going to offer a fun outlet for Flagler students with musical talent and create a more lively atmosphere for crowds attending basketball games,” Underwood said.

The Pep Band will be playing popular athletic event songs.

“I think the music selection will be up to the band to decide. I would like to see the band take on a spirit of their own and bring new ideas to the table,” Erlacher said.

Underwood said he is excited for the pep band’s future.

“As of now I don’t know what we are going to play, but I imagine some pretty standard stand tunes along the lines of maybe the Final Countdown or Eye of the Tiger,” he said.

Flagler College junior Joey Frongillo is also excited about the possibility of a pep band on campus.

“I think the pep band is awesome and I’m excited that they will become apart of Flagler,” Frongillo said. “I’m hoping that they have like signature songs and to even make a Flagler fight song.”

Erlacher said he hopes to have a band together for the first basketball home game this year to bring more fans out and make the atmosphere more exciting.

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