Athletics broadcaster in pursuit of dream job

By Angela Daidone |

From a C.I.A. agent to a play-by-play commentator, Clayton Coffman, Flagler College Sports Information Intern/Athletics Broadcaster, has always aspired to pursue what he loves most.

The good-humored 23-year-old admits his childhood love for James Bond is what made him believe one day he’d become a C.I.A. agent. His job aspiration shifted while in middle school to a movie critic and shifted again as a college sophomore to a sports journalist.

“The first instance with my name in the newspaper was in September 2006, and from that moment on, I was set on sports media,” Coffman said.

Coffman studied communications at Flagler, with an emphasis in broadcasting. He graduated in April 2009.

In regards to sports, “at the end of the day, the broadcast is what I want to do,” Coffman said.

Far from his youthful C.I.A. agent dreams, a play-by-play commentator on CBS is Coffman’s current job pursuit.

Although unplanned, Coffman is working toward his goal by doing the play-by-play commentary at the Flagler College volleyball, baseball and softball games. As well as at the men and women’s basketball and soccer games.

“I graduated looking for jobs, internships, anything really,” Coffman said, “not in my wildest dreams did I think I would come back here.”

Coffman has been commentating for Flagler College athletics since August 2009. He has broadcast nearly 100 games.

“The reason I came back in August is because it entailed play-by-play. This is a stepping stone for me because I know where I want to go.”

Although Flagler doesn’t have a football team, football is Coffman’s sport of choice to commentate. To date, he has called four games, all at Allen D. Nease High School.

And when it comes to his favorite sport to watch, “we can do it like this: No. 1 football. No. 1 “a,” basketball,” Coffman said.

A recognizable figure around the Flagler campus, Coffman is known by a majority of the student body. If you’re around the Flagler campus you’ve probably encountered the friendliness of Coffman.

“I think it’s the personality trait. I was taught to respect people and treat everyone fairly and I think that’s part of it,” Coffman said.

However, if you’ve never seen Coffman around, next semester be sure to look for him at the men and women’s basketball games. You’ll catch him in action, doing what he loves most.

“I’ll be at the top of the bleachers, calling the game.”

Clayton Coffman: The man behind the voice

Born: February 20, 1987, in Madrid, Spain

Favorite Food: shrimp

Favorite Movie: Die Hard with Bruce Willis

Favorite Musician: T.I.

Favorite Sports Team: Florida Gators & Jacksonville Jaguars

Favorite TV Show: The O’Reilly Factor

Favorite Car: BMW 750 (from James Bond, Tomorrow Never Dies)

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