Flagler’s community discusses Facebook and Google+

By Jaime Greco | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Google has stepped up the competition for the No. 1 social networking site, Facebook, by creating its own called Google+. The site aims to “fix the awkward human way of online sharing,” the Official Google Blog said.

Google+ has been in trial for just about 100 days. Google has taken the suggestions and recommendations of its users and has already made nearly 100 improvements.

Eighty five percent of college students use Facebook, but the recent changes made by Facebook may have students of Flagler College leaning toward the fresh, new social networking site, Google+, and all the features it has to offer.

Google+ offers a higher level of security for its users, Adam Krell, Flagler communication major, said.

“My favorite feature on Google+ is the privacy and security,” Krell, 20, said. “When you post something on Facebook, you’re not sure who is gong to see it. With Google+ you choose who sees it or doesn’t see it. It’s a great sense of security.”

Google+ has “circles” for its users to separate family, friends and acquaintances.

“The circles feature makes sharing posts, pictures, links and thoughts with specific people more efficient,” Kara Duffy, 20, a Flagler College communication major said.

Social networking is a way to meet and keep in touch. These days, it can help to build relationships within a career field.

“Now that we are seeing how much they can help our careers and help everyone network, it has turned into something that everyone should really get involved with,” Colby Eaton, 20, a Flagler College communication major said.

Jenna Malenkiewicz, a business major, agrees. She said the plus side of Google+ is that it offers a fresh opportunity for professionalism, whereas Facebook is not professional at all.

“I love the idea of creating a new version of myself on the web. My Facebook seems immature compared to the qualified self I portray on Google+,” Malenkiewicz, 20, said.

Not everyone at Flagler College, however, is completely convinced by the new social networking site.

“Its great but I feel like it is just another version of Facebook with different terms to describe the features,” Max Moulten, 21, a Flagler College business major said. “I really don’t think it will be able to override Facebook — the powerhouse of social networking.”

Tracey Eaton, journalism professor, said because of Facebook’s popularity, Google+ doesn’t have a chance.

“I think it will be another big player, but I think it’s difficult to quickly take over Facebook because Facebook has something like 800 million users. It’s like a big, giant aircraft carrier out in the ocean that doesn’t budge easily,” Eaton, 52, said.

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