Harry Snoxell: tennis profile

By Michael Potkay | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Harry Snoxell has been playing tennis at Flagler College for four years.

Born in Dorset, United Kingdom, Snoxell learned to play tennis at the age of 5 when his father built a tennis court in his backyard for his older brother. Soon Snoxell began to compete in several tournaments in Gloucester, U.K.

At the age of 8, Snoxell attended Millfield School, a boarding school in Somerset, U.K. Bollitieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Fla. sent coaches over to Millfield and Snoxell was able to continue his training with them.

One summer Snoxell got invited by a friend to train in Bradenton, Fla. at Billy Stearns Tennis Academy, which is no longer open. He couldn’t believe how much of a higher level kids in America were playing. So at the age of 11 Snoxell and his family moved to Florida with the goal of him becoming a professional tennis player.

He played in regional, national and international tournaments here in America and reached a Florida state ranking of 68 and a National ranking of 118.

When he started looking for colleges a couple of his friends he played tennis with were already attending Flagler College so he decided to visit. He was hooked immediately.

“I loved the weather, the area and the rest of the guys on the team,” Snoxell said.

“Harry brings a positive attitude and a great sense of humor that keeps the team loose for matches,” Dave Cotrone, who has played with Harry all four years at Flagler, said.

Snoxell’s favorite player growing up was Tim Henman who is also from the United Kingdom. He enjoyed the way Henman played, using serve and volley and attacking the net.

Currently, Snoxell is studying business and psychology. After graduation he hopes to find a job in finance. He said his hopes for becoming a professional tennis player are out of his reach, but is considering being a coach or even opening his own academy one day.

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