When we escape

By Phillip C. Sunkel IV psunkel@flagler.edu Photo By Phillip C. Sunkel IV

Our footprints in the sand mark the direction of a drunken story tale,
Our bodies clenched together to support our inebriated minds.
Another step towards the car only leads to another, and another,
and another toke, my hand grazes upon yours and our fingers intertwine.
Another step and we stumble by the car door,
“Just stop and hold me,” were the words you stuttered to me
The lights mirrored the haze of an almost unreal dream.
The air blew salt water into my senses,
And Minus the Bear was the only noise we needed.
We twisted and turned, inhaled and exhaled through exasperated breaths.
As we moved and swerved the dangerous curves of our donor bodies
As our souls finally met,
My hands hold your face and my lips touch upon your forehead.
Everything is a dream of utter ecstasy,
This place was a dream far beyond reality,
This girl a dream of unexpected expectations, her actions untold possibilities.
Her possibilities are worth untold fortunes.
Before today I forgot I was alive, before tomorrow I forgot I died.
I felt so alive, our bodies becoming one and the universe melting away
But this time is there something worth living for?
Something unpredictable without explanation?
And something for certain about that look in your eyes?
This time you are real, this time we’re living in this moment,
And this time I am alive and falling further from my sense of detached reality
Down to our life of a perfect fantasy.

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