English professor brings poet to Flagler

By Tiffany Grimes | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Nin Andrews, a quirky little lady with a big imagination, graced Flagler College students and faculty with her presence on Sept. 22. Thanks to Dr. Jim Wilson, students were able to hear this clever woman read from her works of poetry.

Andrews is the author of Southern Comfort, Sleeping with Houdini, The Book of Orgasms, Spontaneous Breasts, Dear Professor, Do You Live in a Vacuum?, Midlife Crisis with Dick and Jane and Why They Grow Wings.

Andrews uses Elvis, Houdini, family, school and imagination as the starting point for her poems. She uses her own interests and background to create powerful, thought provoking prose.

“Accent and voice are important,” Andrews said, when asked about the use of each in her poetry.

Since Andrews’ father was a southerner from Memphis, Tennessee and her mother was from New England, Andrews had a battle of accents growing up. In a few of her poems, she refers to how she had to use different accents in front of each of her parents. She turned what seems rather insignificant into a work of magic.

Andrews’ father had a powerful way of pleasing his audience when it came to telling stories. He would embellish and fabricate real events to make them seem much more exciting. Andrews uses these elements in her own poetry.

“Behind every tale there’s another tale,” Andrews quotes her father.

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