By Phillip C. Sunkel IV | psunkel@flagler.edu
Photo By Phillip Sunkel III

Fingers fumbled with agitated arrangements of large white befuddlement flail to fix the frame
A slight sly touch succumbing to the moving picture of the motion picture of our perfectly pictured life
But picture the fixture that attaches to the slightest sight of this motion picture life
A mixture consistent with the persistent pestilence of a broken soul
His words are full of worries and his worries are full woes
These woes they bow and they bow
They bend and they break
They take and they give
They fake and they make.
This man wallows in shallow gallows of his own small being
Almost swallowed by his own hollow words
Wondering and wandering he sifts through his memory
Pondering the woeful droughts of our forever flowing river of friendships and foes.

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