The Movement sees no walls from students

By Liliana Cerquozzi |
Photo by Liliana Cerquozzi

For Ray Eme, The Movement was not just about having fun and performing respective arts in the name of God. It turned out to be more than that when the non-Christian community of Flagler College attended the March event.

The Movement was a weeklong event that held a religious panel, various nights of performances and a final dinner.

Eme involved religious groups on campus as well as churches around St. Augustine to help The Movement. These groups included Intervarsity, Campus Crusade for Christ, Anastasia Baptist Church and Good News Church.

Wednesday’s open-mic night was deemed to be the most successful. Despite religious backgrounds, having everyone come together to show off their artistic abilities seemed to have united the campus.

Students showed off their poetry, paintings and musical abilities that night. Not all students were there to perform for religious purposes.

“I think it’s beautiful, they don’t believe in the walls with people’s differences when it comes to religion,” said Eme, about the attendance of so many students.

The West Lawn was decorated with hanging lights through the trees and couches scattered about the makeshift stage. It gave the event a more comfortable feel.

Performers like Flagler student Lindsey Dedge expressed their concerns for the misread Christian community.

“Christians are fun, we’re not a bunch of stiffs,” Dedge said. “We’re fun and we rock out.”

Eme invited those who were not Christians to obtain information about the local churches and groups on campus.

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