New sushi joint has students choosing Spy

By Joey Metz |

You’d better watch out Fusion Point and Yamato, there’s a new sushi bar in town, and it looks like this one is rolling for keeps.

Spy Sushi and Saketini Lounge, located at 21 Hypolita Street (or the old Crab Grabbers, for you locals), has just recently opened its doors. So far, the local reviews are Sake-ing it to the previously best-rated sushi bars in St. Augustine.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is nothing like how it formally looked, with a very modern, up-scale appeal. It has absolutely lost the Crab Grabbers appearance and turned it into something totally new, with couches to lounge on, and seating upstairs and down.

The sushi chef, who studied rice for two years, is from California. Boy can he roll em’.

For those of you who aren’t in the mood for sushi, the menu offers an eclectic variety of foods, from salads to steak entrees.

Laura Montgomery, Flagler College junior, cannot stop raving about the place.

“It’s on my top two favorite sushi places I’ve ever been,” Montgomery said. “Nothing else around here compares.”

The restaurant is not the cheapest in St. Augustine, but if you’re going for the specialty meals, it’s moderately priced.

Sam Smith, Flagler College junior and fanatic of St. Augustine restaurants, claims it blows Yamato and Fusion out of the water.

“The specialty rolls are kind of pricy, but some of the normal rolls like the spicy tuna are cheaper than Yamato or Fusion,” Smith said. “And it’s way better quality, like 10 times better, just so fresh.”

The lounge area is gorgeous as well if you’re looking to hang out with friends and shoot the breeze. There are comfortable couches to relax on and nice background music to let you take your mind off things.

If you’re tired of the same old sushi, it is definitely the time to check this place out.

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