Conch House hosts reggae sunday

By Jaclyn Miklos |
Photo contributed by Jaclyn Miklos

Grab your sunglasses and dancing shoes, the Sunday ritual for Flagler College students has officially returned.

On March 7, Reggae Sunday at the Conch House Marina and Resort was filled with attendees. The sun was shining, music was playing and people were dancing to the hip sounds of reggae music.

“I love coming out here every Sunday,” said Jacqueline Campbell, Flagler College senior. “I just like being outdoors and enjoying good friends and music.”

“SoulLo” Lyons, a local musician, played sweet sounds of reggae music on Sunday. His long dreadlocks swayed to the beat as his original songs were sung on the lower deck of the Conch House.

Lyons announced tributes to Bob Marley and his family numerous times before he sang their melodies. Students gathered in front of him, closed their eyes and danced to his beats.

The Conch House bartenders lunged back and forth from the bar window to the orange punch cooler to fill customers’ cups with the Reggae Sunday’s famous GoomBay Smash. This Island punch sells for $7.50 a pop, and the bartenders never stop refilling glasses.

“The restaurant gets packed with people,” said Brad Melvin, Conch House employee and Flagler College Alumnus. “I love working it because I make great money, get to be outdoors and listen to music.”

According to Melvin, Reggae Sunday attracts a variety of crowds. He admits there are a majority of college students, but you will always see an older crowd in the middle of the dance floor.

If you have not been to the Conch House’s reggae event now is your chance.

The Conch House is located on 57 Comares Ave., right over the Bridge of Lion. The event carries on from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. The business’s slogan, “If you like the Caribbean, you’ll love us,” illustrates exactly what you will expect from Reggae Sunday.

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