Curb side Shopping

By Joey Metz |

Well folks, the end is near.

For some, it will be a short break before classes begin over summer, but for others — it’s the end for a while.

People are moving in and out of houses and balancing final exams and portfolios. It’s hard to move out of a house, but think of this as the season of opportunity.

With so many people moving out and wanting of be rid of everything, it’s a great time to borrow a friend’s truck and cruise the town.

Are you’re looking for a bedside table for your new house? Chances are, someone is throwing theirs out.

Now is the time to turn one person’s leavings into another’s treasure.

Kodi Merill, a soon-to-be graduate of Flagler College, said after his freshman year ended, he went cruising around downtown to look for anything offered out.

“It was amazing,” Merill said. “My roommates and I practically furnished our first house from a Senior who was moving on and had no room for his things anymore.”

Another great way to find some good, cheap furniture for your house is places like GoodWill or the Betty Griffin House.

Places like these can be hidden gems if you stumble into them at the right time.

Not only are these great places to pick up furniture, but if you have things you would like to donate, it’s a perfect place as well.

A great way to ensure your belongings go to a nice place is to donate them.

For large furniture donations, Betty Griffin House even offers to make arrangements to pick it up for you.

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