Dear editor,

I would like to add my praise to all the great things already said about Flagler College’s impressive new vegetarian station (“New Leaf: Eco-Friendly Dining Hall,” 19 February). It’s a smart decision when you consider that a survey by Aramark, a leading food-service provider, concluded that nearly a quarter of college students are actively seeking out vegan options when they sit down to eat, for reasons ranging from their own health to environmental concerns—and of course, because of animal suffering.

It’s no surprise that people look for cruelty-free alternatives when they discover that chickens have their beaks cut off with hot blades, pigs are castrated and have their tails chopped off, and cows are burned with hot irons. Extreme confinement is also common: Female pigs are forced to spend their adult lives in crates so small that they are unable to turn around, and eight to nine egg-laying hens are crammed into a single cage so small that they can’t spread a single wing. Such behavior could merit felony cruelty-to-animals charges if inflicted upon dogs or cats, but it is standard operating procedure in the livestock industry.

Providing students with vegan chili and pizza coincides with an ever-increasing student demand for vegan food and is to be commended. For more information on vegan eating and to receive a free DVD, visit peta2.com.


Drew Winter

College Campaigns Assistant


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