Mojo’s Tacos sizzles on the island

By Erica England |
Photos by Erica England

St. Augustine local Karen Tibbitts considers herself a taco connoisseur.

“Fish tacos, chicken tacos, beef tacos, I’ve tried them all at every place in this town,” Tibbitts said. “But I’ve honestly never had a taco this good.”

Formerly a gas station, the property that is now known as Mojo’s Tacos, was transformed and revamped into a laid back house of tacos and burritos by 1994 Flagler College Alum Joey Devlin.

“We opened in December of last year,” said Devlin. “We sell and serve tacos and burritos, in addition to operating as a convenience store.”

Mojo's Tacos

Mojo’s Tacos sells a variety of beer and snacks for people on the go as well as their signature food.

The menu offers inexpensive mahi fish, chicken, beef and tofu burritos as well as mahi fish, chicken, beef and tofu tacos made with soft and hard shell layering that adds a crunch to the melted cheese, lettuce, salsa and Mojo Sauce.

Patrons place their orders at the former gas station counter, and are greeted with warm smiles and great service.

After ordering a mahi fish taco, Tibbits’ hand dove into the brown paper bag and triumphantly pulled out her taco wrapped in tin foil.

“This taste is seriously indescribable,” Tibbitts said. “You have to try one.”

Mojo’s Tacos is located on Anastasia Boulevard across the street from Bikram Yoga.

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