Farmers market vendor squeezes all-natural ingredients into lemonade

By Erica Andrew |
Photos by Mary Elizabeth Fair

The farmers market that takes place Wednesdays at the St. Johns County Pier and Saturdays at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre gives students, locals and tourists a chance to sample what St. Augustine has to offer- including a vendor serving all-natural lemonade.

The Sister Shack, a vendor at the farmers markets, makes lemonade, Italian ice, and smoothies from all natural products. Unlike the many lemonade brands that use corn syrup and additives, the Sister Shack boasts their use of fresh fruit and raw natural sugar.

Julie Nelson created the Sister Shack and attends every Saturday market, in addition to local events and high school football games. What makes her business special is the concentration in using natural, fresh products that people enjoy because of how delicious they are and how healthy they are.

“It’s very important to me that we use fresh ingredients because I myself try to be healthy, so I wouldn’t enjoy or sell a product that wasn’t natural and healthy,” said Summer Goldman, one of the participants involved in the Sister Shack.

Goldman has been involved in the Sister Shack for about a year, and the business has been blossoming since it was created just a few years ago.

In addition to the business being focused on nutrition, it also prides itself on reusing and recycling.

“If you buy a cup, you get free refills, so we promote recycling and reusing so we limit our waste on the environment,” said Goldman.

The Sister Shack, along with the many other vendors, looks forward to the farmers market to help promote business in the community and to educate about the importance of its product.

Whether its vegetables grown from local farmers, handmade jewelry, or fresh lemonade, the farmers market continues to attract customers who are looking for something more intimate and a little different than what you find at your regular chain store.

Farmers Market Musicians

With a variety of stands — including fresh fruits, vegetables and breads — the farmers market also features local art including jewelry and handmade designs. As you walk through local artists play instruments and the many vendors that attend tempt you with the sights and smells of their products.

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