Wilson steps up as Blonder steps down

By Caroline Young | cyoung1@flagler.edu

Jim Wilson stepped up as vice chair of the Faculty Senate and will be responsible for making sure the faculty has a voice on campus.

The most crucial part of his job, he said, is running the constitution committee, a group that makes sure all of the bylaws of the Senate are followed and updated.

Wilson wants to see the Faculty Senate follow through with resolution of issues presented to them.

“My personal goal as vice chair is to ensure the integrity of the Senate and to make sure we’re doing what we say we want to do,” said Wilson. “We will be responding to faculty requests and appeals.”

In addition to leading the constitution committee, Wilson is serving on the executive committee, a group of six faculty senators. They take care of issues that happen when the Senate is adjourned, such as during holidays.

The next topic of discussion among faculty will be the academic year schedule and holidays. Wilson said there probably won’t be any changes to the calendar, but it is a possibility.

“We’ve just never had this discussion before, so it’s time,” Wilson said.

Wilson would like to see more holidays, as it is inconvenient for faculty and students with children who have holidays from school like Labor Day.

This year is Wilson’s seventh at Flagler. He is an associate English professor of American literature, English composition and creative writing. Wilson runs Writers in Residence, a campus organization that brings guest authors to campus every year. He’s also the chair of the general education department.

Barbara Blonder, Assistant Professor and of Natural Sciences, was the vice chair for the past year and a half. She stepped down from the position to take on new responsibilities.

“This summer I was supported by the Keller Foundation to do a research project which was extremely time consuming,” Blonder said. “I had to write a lab manual on that research, and will be presenting it at a conference in the spring. There simply was not enough time.”

In addition, Blonder felt that it would be healthy to hear new voices, fresh ideas and creative approaches. “It is important to have variety and new voices now and then,” Blonder said.

Wilson said he uses Blonder as an example as he follows in her footsteps.

“She ably handled many difficult issues last year,” Wilson said. “She helped guide the Senate from its first days as a body to today where I think we are getting some interesting things done.”

Gavin Richardson assisted with reporting for this story.

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