Comic Ace performs at Flagler

By Ben McLeod |
Photo contributed by Adam Ace Entertainment

Comedian Adam Ace gives college students a chance to turn their brains off, laugh and get back to their schoolwork with a smile.

Ace tours the U.S. with stops at more than 400 colleges.

He said he tries to use comedy where students don’t have to think much. “I want them to be able to stop thinking about stresses from school and just turn their brains off and laugh,” Ace said.

Ace performed stand-up on Saturday in the auditorium and hosted his “Showbiz quiz” comedy game show on Sunday in the Virginia Room.

Ace said both events had large audiences.

“There were around 200 students for the stand-up comedy show,” Ace said.

Ace came on stage dressed in a baggy bright red suit with a goofy black tie. He harnessed a microphone around his neck to keep his hands free and his bleach blonde hair stood out above his red suit.

Ace set the game-show stage with buzzers, scorecards and blaring music. He threw prizes into the crowd. The game show quizzed on mindless topics like American Idol, boy bands, songs of the ’80s, movie quotes and TV show themes.

Ace found his comedic style serving on the activities board while he was in college. “That really taught me to be outgoing and prepared me to perform in front of college students,” he said.

Ace graduated from Lynchburg College in Virginia with a degree in Theatre Arts.

“After I graduated in ’97, I started doing comedy tours,” Ace said. “I want to keep doing them because I am really happy.”

Ace considers Jim Carrey and Steve Martin as his sources of inspiration. He said he prefers the goofier side of comedy.
Ace said his stand-up acts are also a hit at larger schools.

“I have performed at schools like University of Kentucky that has around 40,000 students, and at community colleges that have just a couple hundred,” Ace said.

Ace enjoys performing for the college-aged crowds.

“It is the most interesting part of life,” Ace said. “Everyone is experiencing being an adult for the first time, and I want to give them some laughs.”

Ace said he wants students to leave his shows laughing.

“I want them to say afterwards, ‘That was really funny’,” he said.

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