SGA fills 3 spots, approves 2 clubs

By Lauren Belcher |

In a nearly two-hour meeting on Tuesday, SGA elected the first chair of the Green Committee and introduced the second chair of Publicity and Parliamentarian. SGA also approved two new clubs.

Chuck Riffenburg won the election for first chair of the Green Committee. He ran against sophomore Kyle Jennette. Riffenburg also serves as the CitySprout Coordinator for Flagler College.

Riffenburg stands for “sustainable agriculture, educating people on facts about where our food comes from, hopefully get people to realize that food doesn’t come from Publix.”

Riffenburg wants the Green Committee to get in gear and start moving right away.

“We’re just going to try and work as best as we can as a team,” he said. “I really want to see as many gardens come to fruition as possible. Flagler could do a lot of little things, like get more recycling bins to start off, we can stop using things like Styrofoam that can’t be recycled, composting all the organic waste that comes from Bugg’s Bistro and the Dining Hall.”

Senior graphic design major Brittany Demers got the nod for the second chair of Publicity. Demers, who also minors in advertising, wants to brand SGA and form a relationship with the student body and community.

“We’re going to work on using more than just posters to reach the student body,” Demers said.

Demers plans to use her graphic design and advertising skills to benefit the college.

“My designs really catch people’s eye and I have experience within the community to get our word out there and to get publicity and get Flagler noticed in the community,” Demers said.

SGA’s new Parliamentarian is freshman Kelsea Shull. Shull, appointed by President David Matulewicz, said she has worked in student government since she was 12-years-old and has taught workshops on parliamentary procedure legislative processes. She plans to review SGA’s constitution and move for amendments.

The Flagler Kiteboarding and Ink Slingers clubs got SGA’s approval on Tuesday as well.

President of Flagler Kiteboarding, Chaz Lawrence, stood before SGA and said that several students have shown interest in the club. He said the Flagler Kiteboarding club’s main purpose would be to promote the sport within Flagler and to connect with other kiteboarding clubs statewide. Lawrence said, as long as fundraising goes as planned, the club would make kiteboarding less expensive for students than if they went alone.

Ink Slingers President Jeanette Vigliotti also stood before SGA with her executive board and said that the Ink Slingers club’s purpose would be to provide a creative outlet for writers outside of an academic setting.

Vigliotti said the club hopes to put on several events during the year including monthly Open Mike nights. For funding, Vigliotti said the club is considering a Book Sale, but, now, is mostly relying on sponsorships to keep afloat.

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