Tebow epitomizes greatness

By Clayton Coffman | ccoffman@flagler.edu

The terms ‘greatness’ and ‘best all-time’ have been thrown around for many figures in politics, sports, etc. Unlike Bill Clinton or Kevin Garnett, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow not only reaches both of those platforms, he sets the bar even higher.

After the thrill of leading Florida to its second national title in three seasons, Tebow has the ultimate choice of returning for more collegiate glory or testing the waters of the NFL. Everyone knows he has the ultimate passion for the game unlike any other, but will that translate to the professional ranks? Many think not. NFL Draft “expert” Mel Kiper thinks Tebow can’t play quarterback and should focus his incredible skills as … gulp … a tight end.

That skepticism not only drives Tebow to improve, it showcases his passion to prove all those doubters wrong. Tebow’s focus and determination through his Christian faith, along with his athletic ability, make him the figure he is now.

Remember the post game press conference after the Gators’ lone loss to Ole Miss this season? Tebow spoke his heart and in the end was a man of his own words. People adore him for his honesty and gutsiness.

When Tebow was traveling through Germany, a man who had never spoken English before screamed his name on first glance. Florida’s star quarterback has it. From the power to run through defenders to the ability to change someone’s life, Tebow can do it all. And the thing that’s even more apparent each and every time Tebow is on the grand stage is his commitment to praising others. He doesn’t gloat about himself; he passes the torch to his faith, friends and family.

Since his recruitment from Allen D. Nease High School to the University of Florida, the rock star from a tight-knit family continues to captivate the minds of everyone. Even his detractors can admit that Tebow is a once-in-a-lifetime person and player who just seems too good to be true. But he’s not.

Born in the Philippines, raised by missionaries and now the starting quarterback of the Florida Gators, Tebow has reached a level of greatness that might not be matched by a student-athlete ever again.

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