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Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) struggles through the grind of everyday life in his dead-end job and empty apartment until he runs into an old friend who convinces him to attend a self-help seminar. At the seminar, Allen learns that the root of his misery lies in the word “no” and the only way to truly enjoy life and find true happiness is to say “yes” to every opportunity — no matter what it is — that finds him.

Allen’s newfound ability to say “yes” works for him, leading him to an upbeat, hip new life. He finds love with spunky small-time musician and amateur photographer Allison (Zooey Deschanel) and gets a long-overdue promotion at work.

He runs into trouble, though, when he finds out that saying “yes” to every opportunity can have some negative results as well- Allen’s friends, played by Bradley Cooper and Danny Masterson, take advantage of his refusal to refuse and he finds himself in some trouble in other ways as well.

Carrey showed audiences once again his happy-go-lucky hilarity and should, from here on out, say “yes” to comedy and “no” to any other genre of films.

The supporting cast shines with Carrey and makes his performance even more stellar.

Rhys Darby plays Allen’s boss, an overly eccentric New Zealander, and hosts theme parties such as “Harry Potter” and “300.”

Terence Stamp is the hilarious egotistical self-help guru who gets Allen started on his path to happiness.

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