Catching up on procrastination

By Brittany Hackett |

It’s no big secret that college students will procrastinate like it’s their job.

In my four years at Flagler, I have said, “I’ll do it later,” more times than can be counted, and I don’t think I’ve ever written a paper before the night before it was due (sorry to all my professors who thought I was a better student than that).

Some would say it’s apathy, others might call it laziness, but I argue there’s just too much else to do. My time cannot be wasted by being productive, that would just be too logical.

So, instead of working on assignments for class I’m going to help all of you out there be as un-productive as possible with my “Top Ten Ways to Procrastinate.” You know you’re psyched.

10) Clean your living space. Not because it’s particularly dirty or because you actually enjoy it, but because you know it will take at least two hours.

If you are like me, cleaning is really nothing more than moving piles of stuff from one spot to another, but hey, at least you’re doing something.

9) Check your e-mail account every 10 minutes. That junk mail isn’t going to delete itself people.
8) Surf the Net for news, and I use the term “news” very loosely.

CNN, Fox and MSNBC are all fine sources but I’m talking about the good news. Perez’s Web site can take up a good 20 minutes if used correctly.

7) Read everyone’s away messages on AIM — even the people you don’t talk to or even really like.

6) Watch IMDB movie trailers. We all know the previews are the best part of the movie anyway.

5) Create a to-do list of everything you are supposed to be accomplishing.

You know you don’t need one but go ahead and make yourself feel better about being unproductive.

4) Catch up on all of your favorite TV shows online. You don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t know that Meredith and McDreamy broke up again or that those poor people are still stuck on the island.

3) One word: Facebook. With one Web site you have hours of entertainment.

Be sure to keep refreshing the stalker-feed because things can change fast. Friendships are forged, relationships are ended and photos are uploaded.

If you’re really ambitious take a look at the Bumper Sticker application and thank me later.

2) The fabulous YouTube — they even make it easy by posting the most watched videos on top.

1) Lie on your bed and yell at your roommate about how much you don’t want to do homework. You guys can commiserate together.

Well there you go kids. Go forth and don’t do any of the things you probably should be doing. Don’t worry, you can start this list later.

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